MultiVersus Season 1 send-offs one week from now, and Morty isn’t a long ways behind

The postponed MultiVersus Season 1 beginning date has now been affirmed for the following week on fifteenth August 2022. Moreover, the arrival of Morty has likewise been set for a little later in the month.


While the game’s most memorable post-send off time of content was expected to show up on ninth August with the ebb and flow MultiVersus open beta pre-season finishing the other day, engineer Player First Games pushed it back as they hoped to handle specific issues featured by the community.

Thankfully, they’ve had the option to act rapidly to capitalize on the thriving player-base. Season 1 will show up short of what multi week after its planned delivery, and they’ve likewise affirmed that well known animation character Morty will join the program close to seven days after the fact on 23rd August.

One of the potential elements prompting the postponement was a need to address objections about a portion of the person hitboxes and hurtboxes in the game. Game Director Tony Huynh as of late expressed that the studio has previously been attempting to redesign the frameworks and iron out issues. This won’t be in that frame of mind for the send off of Season 1, yet the underlying pass at fixing this will be in the accompanying update.

Like most live help, allowed to-mess around, MultiVersus will be upheld with customary occasional updates and content drops all through with a consistent dripfeed of content to keep individuals locked in. Each season comes close by with a fight pass stacked with unlockable prizes including interesting person skins. The Season 1 fight pass will purportedly cost 950 Gleamium (around $9.99) and will offer 50 award levels. Here’s a snapshot of the characters, modes and additional elements that will be added through the season:


A recent leak may have uncovered various future hybrid characters, including The Joker, The Hound, Samurai Jack, Daffy Duck, and Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion.

Having played a previous form of the game, we walked away fairly impressed. MultiVersus doesn’t avoid being contrasted with a specific Nintendo series, yet figures out how to wind in an adequate number of charming thoughts of its own to tempt Super Smash Bros fans. For instance, there’s a major accentuation in group sythesis and support capacities which will assist with molding the serious scene. Maybe the game’s greatest strength is that it will be allowed to-play at send off, permitting anybody to download MultiVersus and hop in for a fight.

MultiVersus is accessible now across PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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