Local 4K Abandoned For Killing Floor 2 On Xbox One X Due to Frame Rate Issues


It’s most likely something we will hear a ton of in the long stretches of time ahead, regardless of Microsoft’s promoting of the Xbox One X — an outsider designer has deserted attempting to arrive at genuine 4K goal on the control center because of the powerlessness to likewise have a predictable framerate.

There was significant framerate drop at 4K goal on Xbox One X

Tripwire Interactive as of late reported that Killing Floor 2 would be heading to the Xbox One and would get upgrades for the Xbox One X. Sadly, those improvements do exclude local 4K goal and Dave Elder of Tripwire had this to say in recent comments on the matter.

“Killing Floor 2 runs at native 1800p, fixed resolution (no checkerboarding) on Xbox One X. We did experiment with true 4K rendering, but the frame rate drop was a bit too significant. 1800p provides the optimal balance between visual quality and performance in Killing Floor 2.”

Regardless, it seems like the Xbox One X variant of the game will be the most ideal adaptation accessible on consoles. Utilizing the extra force of the Xbox One X permitted Tripwire to hit a decent goal on the machine, contrasted with checkerboarding methods utilized on the PlayStation 4 Pro form of the game. Senior likewise said that the game runs at a higher edge rate on the Xbox One X than on the base Xbox One. He additionally uncovered that the new Xbox One X will involve Ultra surfaces and element expanded goal for things like shadow guides and shadow draw distance.

Microsoft has been strolling an almost negligible difference in portraying the Xbox One X and its abilities since E3. With promoting words like “True 4K and Ultra 4K” being utilized conversely with Native 4K, Microsoft’s message is befuddling to the typical customer. It’s normal that Microsoft’s most memorable party games and studios will hit Native 4K goals with strong framerates on the Xbox One X. With respect to the requesting outsider AAA titles, it wouldn’t be unquestionably amazing assuming we hear an ever increasing number of statements like this one from Tripwire.

Killing Floor 2 is scheduled to show up on the Xbox One on August 29th. The Xbox One X is expected out on November seventh, however Microsoft still can’t seem to start taking pre-orders for the “world’s most powerful console.”

– This article was refreshed on February 27th, 2018

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