No Man’s Sky update 3.85 adds significant Outlaws extension

Of course there’s another No Man’s Sky update. What’s more, obviously, it’s one more significant development for gaming’s most dearest spacefaring sim.


Developer Hello Games made an unexpected declaration with No Man’s Sky update 3.85 out now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

The new Outlaws extensions comes loaded down with heaps of highlights and frameworks to assist with reveling your hazier side. Here is a fast piece of what’s been added. Peruse on for the full fix notes.

No Man’s Sky Update 3.85 Highlights

  • Outlaw Space Stations
  • Cloth Simulation
  • Outlaw Story
  • Smuggling
  • Solar Ship
  • Recruit Wingmen
  • Planetary Frigates
  • Improved Space Combat
  • Forged Passports
  • More Ship Slots
  • Bounty Missions
  • Planetary Pirate Raids

No Man’s Sky Update 3.85 Patch Notes


  • A new class of starship has been added, the Solar Sail ship.
  • Solar starships arrive in a wide scope of procedurally created varieties. They can be tracked down all over the universe, however are more normal in prohibit systems.
  • The Solar-class starship accompanies extraordinary advancements for a quick and proficient Pulse Engine.
  • All sends now accompany a high-limit freight stock. The beginning size of the freight stock shifts as indicated by transport type and class.
  • The transport freight stock can be redesigned at the starship rescue station.
  • The most extreme number of saved ships has been expanded from 6 to 9.
  • Players may now change their essential starship from the speedy menu while in the tanker hangar.
  • The buddy the executives fast menu choice has been moved into the ‘Utilities’ part of the menu while flying a starship.
  • Summoning different boats, including the vessel, presently has its own committed sub-segment of the fast menu.
  • While on a planet, players may every so often see gatherings of frigates enter the climate and pass by on their own missions across the universe.
  • An varying media cockpit caution has been added to the boat, to make pilots aware of risky situations.


  • A number of star frameworks across the world have been taken over by privateers. These frameworks can be recognized on the universe map with a Conflict or Economy scanner.
  • Outlaw frameworks have a remarkable space station, with their own combination of NPCs.
  • Visit a Bounty Master on board a criminal station to attempt a scope of procedurally produced robbery missions and acquire one of a kind rewards.
  • Purchase illicit merchandise from the underground market dealers on board prohibit stations. Unlawful merchandise can be sold for an enormous markup in directed space.
  • The most extreme stack size for all exchanging products, illicit or in any case, has been increased.
  • In managed frameworks, space station specialists will occasionally examine approaching boats for illicit products. Sentinel interceptors might be conveyed to manage resistant pilots.
  • A new innovation is accessible, the Cargo Probe Deflector, to endeavor to fight off undesirable freight scans.
  • Earn Forged Passports while working for privateer factions.
  • These fake starship enlistment records can be utilized at Station Cores in controlled space to increment or reset standing levels with the framework authorities.
  • Outlaw stations can’t be twisted to straightforwardly from guideline space stations, and bad habit versa.
  • Outlaw stations have their own innovation vendor, spend significant time in dubious secondary selling upgrades.
  • The prizes for annihilating starships – vessels, Sentinels, privateers or dealers – have been broadened and improved.
  • The compensations for saving a tanker from privateer assault have been improved.
  • A new series of story missions have been added for prohibit frameworks. Complete these missions to acquire one of a kind customisation and title options.


  • Support has been added for fabric simulation.
  • Fully customisable cape and hood choices have been added to the Appearance Modifier. A few choices are accessible naturally, while others should be procured through missions or expeditions.


  • Expedition Six, The Blighted, will start soon.
  • The Blighted undertaking will take players on an expedition across a far off world as they follow the courses of these secretive pirates.
  • The Blighted campaign offers the opportunity to acquire a select starship trail; privateer themed base enrichments; your very own rebellious 3D square/Geoff; an exceptional cape customisation, and substantially more besides.


  • Sentinel, privateer and merchant sends now have energy safeguards that should be drained before the actual boat can be damaged.
  • Different grades of boat accompany different strength endlessly safeguards that re-energize at various rates.
  • Player starship weapons bargain different harm levels against protected or unshielded targets.
  • The starship battle flight model has been improved for in-climate combat.
  • Pirates can now go after while the player is flying inside a planet’s atmosphere.
  • Sentinel interceptors will currently answer violations submitted while flying in a planet’s atmosphere.
  • Pirate boats will sporadically make going after runs on planetary designs. Players who drive off or wipe out these strikes will be rewarded.
  • Space battle has been rebalanced to take into consideration more test for top of the line players while staying available to those in starter or non-battle ships.
  • Players presently have the choice to empower a battle autopilot for the starship. This setting can be found inside the Controls segment of the choices menu and can be utilized as a hold (to apply extra arrangement help towards your objective on demand) or as a switch (to continually apply auto-arrangement towards your flow target).
  • The heat limit of the Phase Beam has been increased.
  • The Phase Beam can now siphon safeguard energy from antagonistic ships and move it to the player’s shield.
  • The Photon Cannon currently chills off quicker after overheating.
  • All starship weapons presently rot heat a lot quicker assuming the burst is halted before the weapon overheats.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the name and visuals of unfriendly ships on the starship target screen to be incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the safeguard bar on the starship target screen to be incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the hotness bar on the starship weapons screen to be incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the cooldown bar for the Infra-Knife Accelerator to be invisible.
  • The Positron Ejector has had its base discharging speed marginally reduced.
  • The Positron Ejector has had its hotness limit reduced.
  • The Positron Ejector currently bargains somewhat incapable harm to starship shields.
  • The Infra-Knife Accelerator has had its base shooting speed marginally reduced.
  • The Infra-Knife Accelerator has had its reach and base harm increased.
  • The Infra-Knife Accelerator currently bargains extra harm to unshielded targets.
  • The Infra-Knife Accelerator has had its hotness limit diminished, however presently chills off fundamentally faster.
  • The Cyclotron Ballista has had its base discharge appraised reduced.
  • The Cyclotron Ballista has had its scattering decreased and its hotness limit increased.
  • The Cyclotron Ballista presently bargains incredibly high harm to starship safeguards, yet low harm to starship hulls.
  • The Cyclotron Ballista presently handicaps threatening starship motors on hit, making them float slowly.
  • Starship rockets presently cause extra harm to unshielded starship bodies, yet essentially decreased harm versus energy shields.
  • The starship HUD currently more obviously reports weapon heat levels.
  • The off-screen target marker has been moved to a focal situation around the starship reticle.
  • The fastened mouse flight model has been changed to make transport control more exact and responsive.
  • Damage potential readouts presently incorporate an extra readout for harm versus energy safeguards, in the event that safeguard and structure harm levels are different.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the speed readout on the starship screen (yet not the genuine most extreme speed of the starship) to be misleadingly expanded by mobility upgrades.


  • Players with a tanker may now enlist NPC boats to their very own squadron.
  • Your unit is overseen from the Manage Fleet terminal on the extension of your capital ship.
  • Players might open up to four spaces for their squadron.
  • Your group is consequently called during space battle, and might be gathered or excused at some other time from the Quick Menu.
  • Your unit will aid space battle, taking your lead in going after threatening targets.
    Squadron pilots and their boats can be updated utilizing nanites.


  • Significantly worked on the enhanced visualizations for the Photon Cannon, Cyclotron Ballista and Phase Beam.
  • Improved the enhanced visualizations for the Infra-Knife Accelerator and Positron Ejector.
  • Improved the effect impacts for NPC transport laser impacts.
  • Improved the enhanced visualizations for huge boat engines.
  • Improved the enhanced visualizations for NPC boat and vessel twist ins.
  • Fixed an issue with submerged jetpack trails.
  • Significantly further developed starship and space rock blast effects.
  • Improved the visual effect of player starship gag flashes.
  • Improved the visual and sound effect of the starship cockpit alarm.
  • Improved the visual effect of starship cockpit hit warnings.
  • Fixed an issue that caused harm impacts to interrupt the cockpit view while steering in first individual mode.
  • Improved the shot and gag streak impacts for NPC starships.


  • Introduced a few exceptionally critical memory improvements, further developing security and execution particularly on base consoles.
  • Introduced a critical streamlining to surface memory usage.
  • Introduced an advancement to animal and Sentinel navigation.
  • Introduced a huge improvement for bases and settlements.
  • Fixed an accident connected with input settings.
  • Fixed a few stringing crashes in the UI.
  • Fixed an accident connected with innovation thing popups.
  • Fixed an accident connected with base buildi

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