Project Scorpio’s mystery covertly insults PlayStation 4 Pro


Ever since Project Scorpio was reported at E3 2016, Microsoft has been utilizing terms like “True 4K” and how the control center’s GPU produces 6 TFLOPS rather than the PlayStation 4 Pro’s 4 TFLOPS. It seems as though that cutthroat soul has advanced toward the control center’s teaser trailers. As of late, Microsoft delivered various brief recordings let clients know that they will encounter genuine power with the control center. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you take a gander at specific scenes, it appears to be that Microsoft is featuring the around 2 TFLOPS contrast between their gadget and the competition.


It’s presumably not a happenstance that “6>4” is obviously apparent on one of the flags. 6 TFLOPS clearly alluding to Project Scorpio’s computational power and 4 TFLOPS is what the PlayStation 4 Pro delivers. Nonetheless, that is not all. In another scene, the cost and delivery date might have been uncovered. Accepting this requires a more prominent act of pure trust however it’s fascinating nonetheless.


Another still from the secret peruses “X10S101-317″. “X10S” may allude to Project Scorpio and the “101-317” may imply that the control center is emerging on October 13, 2017. Or on the other hand it may very well be a lot of outlandish figures which have no association — regardless of how questionable they are — to anything. There are some gamers out there who accept that the “X10S101-317” is a code for a picture which focuses to a $399 sticker price. We won’t be aware until June 11 when Microsoft uncovers everything about the control center.

Whenever organizations discharge games or equipment, they love embedding different Easter eggs. While almost certainly, the “6>4” text is a reference to the power contrast between Project Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Pro, “X10S101-317″ could mean anything. However, like with any Easter egg, it’s always a blast to speculate on the possibilities. Until we have confirmation about the release date, you should take the “leaked” delivery date while taking other factors into consideration. Aside from that, let the hypotheses flow.

– This article was refreshed on March seventh, 2018

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