Soulframe declared by Warframe designer Digital Extremes

Soulframe has been uncovered as the following game by Warframe engineer Digital Extremes. Be that as it may, Soulframe won’t be accessible yet as it is still in early turn of events. Soulframe appears to have a considerably more middle age sort of impact contrasted with Warframe, however with components of science fiction and dream likewise blended in. It appears to be that the player’s characters will have connections to the creatures of the world, with them going about as partners. There likewise is by all accounts a connection between every one of the animals in this land.


“A totally new game in early development, Soulframe will deliver its own independent and uniquely immersive experience led by the creative and imaginative minds behind Warframe. For early fans of Digital Extremes, the path to release will be a familiar one: it will be a transparent, collaborative and iterative process that is shaped by the passion of players and DE.”

The trailer shows what could be ongoing interaction components that players will utilize. There is a battle scene where the person takes out blade from the game that appears to dial back time. The person likewise has a metal arm that has supernatural properties. For this situation, the adversaries are gone to stone and the arm is additionally used to make chains disappear.

Soulframe will investigate the subjects of nature, rebuilding, and investigation. Similar as Warframe, this new title by Digital Extremes will be an allowed to play game. At this point, the authority site is live where individuals can pursue updates and hold their Envoy title, which would be the username that will be utilized in the game once it discharges. In any case, to get to the site you should tackle a little encryption puzzle. This puzzle makes them find the comparing Soulframe letter set letter to the expression Ode Sky.

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