Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League returns with a brand new story & gameplay deep dive

With Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League getting near its 2nd February 2024 launch date, Rocksteady has kicked off a brand new video sequence to speak concerning the recreation, the primary episode that includes round 20 minutes devoted to the sport’s story and gameplay. Has the hefty game delay helped to handle a number of the complaints from earlier this 12 months?


This deep dive into the sport has a number of heavy lifting to do after the lower than stellar reception to the last gameplay reveal. That gameplay reveal was criticised for a way the characters had over-the-top motion for his or her conventional energy set and expertise, in addition to the heavy reliance on huge weapons and ranged fight.

One of many first issues this video reveals is the cutscene throughout which the 4 purchase new and enhanced motion expertise. Captain Boomerang grabs a Speedforce Gauntlet, Harley snags one among Batman’s flying machines and grappling hook, Deadshot a jetpack and King Shark a mystical leaping potential from a bowler hat. All of them have been pilfered from a museum devoted to the Justice League and a handy option to clarify how they will all leap, sprint and zip across the open world Metropolis as quick as they do.

In addition they clarify the narrative reasoning behind the looter shooter tone and have to degree and improve your gear. To be honest, you are attempting to take down the Justice League and none of those 4 can be able to this with out some form of benefit. Weapons might be a core a part of this recreation’s fight nonetheless, and also you’ll be capable to purchase some upgrades from The Penguin, who’s arrange as an arms seller on the town.

Sadly, I don’t suppose that actually addressed the critique of the sport since its reveal, particularly as stay service parts will stay deeply ingrained into the sport. It’s going to nonetheless lean on numerous on-line motion RPG programs, reminiscent of having cumulative gear scores, incremental character enhancements by a menagerie of upgrades, a (free) battle move, and different parts much like video games like Destiny 2 or the ill-fated Marvel’s Avengers. And once more, comedian e book followers had been lower than enthralled by the shift to all 4 gamers toting huge weapons, even when they (like Captain Boomeraang) have trademark ranged weapons, or are finest recognized for simply smashing stuff, like King Shark. This video does at the least present extra of how ranged and melee fight are interwoven collectively.

The subsequent video might be diving a lot deeper into the fight mechanics of the sport, there might be extra particulars on the RPG programs, so we’ll get a a lot better understanding then.

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