Take-Two will deliver eight changes or remasters

The most recent financials from Take-Two Interactive have uncovered a bustling delivery plan with 24 “Immersive Core” games being delivered until mid 2025. These incorporate The Quarry, Marvel’s Midnight Suns and emphasess of the NBA, PGA Tour, and WWE franchises.

They additionally list eight games that are “new iterations of previously released titles”, so revamps or remasters. The Bioshocks, Mafias, Borderlands, and a fair not many of the Grand Theft Auto’s have proactively been given the remaster treatment so what else is there?


The clear response is Red Dead Redemption, gossipy tidbits about a re-arrival of that have been twirling around for quite a while. Menace would be another conspicuous decision, however it’s much more established than Red Dead Redemption so would presumably require a full redo to bring the illustrations up to the present guidelines. Spec Ops: The Line could be brilliant yet profoundly far-fetched, maybe Battleborn? Or on the other hand Evolve? Recall them? Alright, perhaps not.

Personally I’m expecting a revamp of Ringling Bros. also, Barnum & Bailey: Circus Friends – Asian Elephants, a 2K game from 2009.

Take-Two’s last remaster was not energetically gotten, Two Interactive Chairman & CEO Strauss Zelnick addressed CNBC the send off of The Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: Definitive version which was tormented with different bugs and awful edge rates.

“With regards to the GTA trilogy, that was actually not a new title. That was a remaster of pre-existing titles,” said Strauss, as though that is a reason. “We did have a glitch in the beginning, that glitch was resolved. And the title of has done just great for the company. So we’re very excited.”

A misfire that made the game have a Metacritic rating of 49%. An error that caused Rockstar to pull it from sale. An error that made us score the already exceptionally appraised games just 6/10. Furthermore, an error that generated a grovelling apology from the studio.

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