Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown ecological screen captures delivered

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown showed up in the current year’s Nacon Connect, with designer KT Racing discussing what they’re making for the optimistic open world hustling game and delivering some in-motor natural shots, however there’s priceless little for fans enthusiastically anticipating the series’ recovery to truly dive into. No interactivity, no delivery date. All we know is that Test Drive Unlimited is as of now expected to deliver in 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. A beta test is likewise arranged before then.


From the encompassing designer talk, we realize that one thing KT Racing is focussed on is collaboration in the midst of the two opponent groups. The Sharp and Street tribes will strive for incomparability in the city, with Sharp focussed favoring the rich vehicles and Street faction being into the club scene.

The different sides will have their own HQ that any player can get to, however just adjusted players will actually want to enter the VIP region. This will all sit next to the Solar Crown PvP rivalry which gives the game its name, a competition that will spread across the entire city.

This new Test Drive Unlimited will occur in a full diversion of Hong Kong and, in any event, KT Racing gave some new screen captures that show the natural work that they’ve been placing in. It goes from ghetto to the basically untamed wild, and we’re quick to perceive how everything meets up… yet that should sit tight for some other time, on the grounds that not so much as a sniff of interactivity has been revealed.

The absence of interactivity right now is getting a piece tedious, and inclines toward quite possibly of the most terrible pattern inside the games business: declaring a game or undertaking very early. It’s presently been a long time since the first teaser trailer and announcement for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown in 2020 with KT Racing returning in 2021 with a moody head to head’ video, and afterward a location reveal for the Hong Kong setting, however no interactivity, even with a 2022 delivery date still expected.

It wasn’t until May of this current year that they affirmed that the game has been deferred until 2023, and that KT Racing dropped the delivery for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One control center. This ought to ideally help them while cleaning the game and streamlining for the boundlessly more remarkable fresher age of consoles.

I get that Test Drive Unlimited is equipped to be a great restoration for a once exceptionally famous and spearheading hustling game series, however I don’t think it truly helps construct any sort of expectation for the game to continue focusing on it and have nothing delegate to show. Better to hold on until there’s a significant thing to show, regardless of whether it implies you can’t highlight a tentpole delivery in your mid year showcase.

Looking back on the last game in the series, the 2011 title Test Drive Unlimited 2, we didn’t nail a score to it, yet Alex did share some thoughts on the game:

“There are moments in Test Drive Unlimited 2 when everything snaps together perfectly and you get an all too rare, blissful, zen-like rush of pure joy.  If it’s the right time of day with the sun setting on the horizon ahead, an open road at 150mph and Paul Van Dyke blasting through the in-car radio like Kevin and Perry going large, it’s a dreamy, unworldly sensation that could only be captured with all the variables firmly in place. TDU2, when it works, is breathtaking.”

Of course, the following line was, “But when it doesn’t, it’s a wreck.”

Here’s trusting Solar Crown is the previous and not the latter.


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