The First Descendant, recently known as Project Magnum, gets a secret trailer

The First Descendant, which was initially revealed as Project Magnum last year, has a got a fresh out of the box new mystery trailer. The First Descendant will be an allowed to play thief shooter where players work co-operatively to fend off outsider intruders. The Descendants, also known as the player characters, all have one of a kind and abilities to baffle that they can use in the conflict to guard the planet. The secret underneath indicates a portion of those capacities including lighting powers and improved strength.


  • 4-Player Co-Op Play – Team up with different players for four-player center vital fights. Every player’s astounding powers and capacities will prompt strategic fights for the win.

  • Charming and Unique Characters – Play as various characters, each with unmistakable ideas and fight styles. Characters will have adaptable components to permit players to help character beautification. Try not to pass up on your opportunity to play as twelve unique characters during the shut beta test this Autumn.

  • Exciting Battles, Dynamic Action, Multiple Skills, and Unique Weapons – Experience energizing fights with various characters, each with novel ranges of abilities, free developments, and chain activities through catching snares, beautiful guns, and unexpected impacts. Players make the fight style they desire!

  • Battle Huge Boss Monsters – Battle colossal manager beasts with various appearances and capacities. Different powers and troubles will animate the player’s serious soul as you battle not to fall in fight. Focus on the manager’s tricks to encounter a more conservative and key group play.

  • Motivating Play and Growth – Equip characters with 3 firearms, 4 bits of optional gear, and different sub-weapons. Use and change the hardware in view of the sorts of fights experienced. New hardware creates character development by consolidating different pieces, upgrading character and gun details, or adding another capacity. Get new things through clearing situation missions or on the planet missions where collaboration is pivotal. Utilize new things to challenge yourself with more intricate tasks!

If you need to try The First Descendant out before it is delivered, you can pursue the beta on Steam. The First Descendant is set to be delivered on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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