The Xbox One Was a Step Backwards, expresses Gears of War 4 Developer


With Project Scorpio’s delivery not too far off, Microsoft is set to deliver the most remarkable control center made. The specs as of late uncovered by Microsoft will be giving game designers a lot of pull to make games. They’ll right the wrongs of the Xbox One, which as per one engineer was a stage backwards.

“When I first started working with Xbox One, I was a little bit disappointed,” says Mike Raynor of the Coalition (Gears of War 4) in a meeting with Gamasutra. “It kind of felt like we’d really taken a step back.  And I’ve seen that evolve, and improve constantly since we’ve launched, but with what we’re doing with Scorpio, it’s now very pleasurable to work with.  From a developer standpoint, when you think about Xbox One, Xbox One S and now with Scorpio, a lot of development for us is similar to PC.  And we kind of think of PC as kind of the ultimate platform in terms of scalability.”

It felt like we’d truly made a stride back, expresses Gears of War dev

While the Xbox One was a gigantic improvement as far as control over the Xbox 360, it was surely not quite as aggressive as Sony’s PlayStation 4 with regards to crude power. The Xbox One got off to a rough beginning with a 2013 delivery that saw many games delivering as sub-par forms on the stage when contrasted with the opposition. Lower outline rates and goals were feasible on the Xbox One, while purchasers were approached to follow through on a superior cost for the control center contrasted with the PS4.

It doesn’t seem like this will be the situation with Project Scorpio. The new control center is set for discharge in 2017, with a full uncover coming at E3 2017 in Los Angeles this June.

– This article was refreshed on February 27th, 2018

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