Thymesia patch one buffs some skills and nerfs some others

Thymesia has acquired its first main patch, with Workforce 17 saying that it addresses quite a lot of points within the sport. A few of these points embrace fixing bugs that triggered achievements to not unlock, having the ability to get missed achievements, and altering how unreleased ladders look so they’re extra noticeable. There are additionally quite a lot of modifications to the assorted skills and weapons, with some being buffed whereas others are nerfed.  You possibly can learn the total patch notes beneath.

Thymesia Patch One notes

  • Mounted the achievement not unlocking bug
  • Added Movement Blur Toggle
  • Added Controller Vibration Toggle
  • Gamers can now get missed achievements by speaking to Aisemy
  • Mounted the Corvus caught in air bug
  • Added an additional story notice from the tutorial degree to the primary sport
  • Added a touch subsequent to enemy well being bar after they’re out of their space earlier than they begin therapeutic
  • Unreleased ladders will now have a distinct look
  • Plague weapon Blood Sword injury improve impact will expire with the buff
  • Offensive buffs gained from Katar and Knife plague weapon will expire appropriately
  • The Fools Punch plague weapon improve 01 and 02 will perform appropriately
  • ‘Flying Dagger’ plague weapon will overwrite “Intercept Wing” expertise appropriately
  • Go away Backyard Sub-quest 1 early will now unlock different ranges appropriately
  • Moved the archer in Backyard major degree so he can’t shoot you when accessing the shortcut
  • Moved the Aisemy on the finish of Sea of Bushes Sub-quest 1 so it’s simpler to identify
  • Quantity management will have an effect on the quantity earlier than you utilized
  • The Corvus music is not going to be affected by quantity management
  • Made the elite enemy’s well being bar extra apparent
  • Polished the digicam management utilizing controller and stuck associated bugs
  • Mounted some typos and incorrect strings
  • Potion recipe “focus” will now offer you 25% extra Reminiscence Shards moderately than 10%
  • Lowered the effectivity of the “Energy Restore” buff from Perfectionist Lv2 or Adrenaline Lv2
  • Quick-acting potion quantity elevated by 1 for every degree
  • AI
  • Lowered Odur’s well being (from 3500×2 to 3000×2)
  • Odur will now use his final extra typically (from 80 secs to 60 secs)
  • Elevated Mutated Odur’s well being and injury (from 8000 to 10000, final injury from 190 to 237)
  • Elevated God of the Fools’ injury (from 145 to 195)
  • Elevated the Hanged Queen well being and injury (from 7000 to 9000 and about 20% injury improve)
  • The Hanged Queen will now cease restoring well being when blood sucking animation is interrupt
  • Lowered Sound of the Abyss’ well being (from 6000 to 5000)
  • Added hints for a few of Sound of the Abyss’ assaults
  • Corvus boss’s hammer plague weapon space have an effect on now match the particular impact measurement
  • You’re going to get appropriate plague weapon when reaving Corvus boss
  • Mutated male villager’s vital assault will now knock down Corvus
  • Feminine villager’s crying assault will now deal injury to Corvus
  • Elevated Halberd plague weapon prolonged motion injury (from 1.25x to 1.5x)
  • Elevated Fist plague weapon injury (from 3x to 4x, in air injury from 5x to 6x)
  • Elevated Vile Blood Protect plague weapon injury (from 300 to 600)
  • Elevated the Blood Strike injury from Blood Sword plague weapon injury (from 2x to 4x)
  • Shortened the explosion delay for Javelin Sword (from 5 secs to three secs)
  • Elevated Fist plague weapon affected space (from 500 cm to 700 cm)
  • Lowered Bow plague weapon injury (from 2.5x to 1.5x)
  • Elevated Bow plague weapon cooldown (from 1 sec to three secs)
  • Elevated Bow plague weapon power price (from 50 to 60)
  • Elevated Protect plague weapon cooldown (from 1 sec to three secs)
  • Elevated Hammer plague weapon cooldown (from 10 secs to 12 secs)
  • Elevated Nice sword plague weapon cooldown (from 10 secs to fifteen secs)
  • Elevated Katar plague weapon cooldown (from 8 secs to 12 secs)
  • Shortened Mutated Tentacles plague weapon cooldown (from 15 secs to 10 secs)
  • Elevated Mutated Tentacles plague weapon power price (from 75 to 100)
  • Lowered the well being and power restoration quantity from Therapeutic Execution Lv1 and a pair of (about lower in half)
  • Lowered the power restoration quantity from Energised Claws Lv1 and a pair of (from 10%, 20% to five%, 10%)
  • Elevated the effectivity of Defence Lv1, Lv2, and Lv3 (about 10% extra environment friendly for every degree)
  • Lowered the injury from Gliding Claw Lv1 (from 1.5x to 1.25x)
  • Lowered the injury from Lengthy Claw Lv1 and a pair of and eliminated the bleeding impact (from 30% to twenty%)
  • Corvus will now transfer ahead extra when performing Brief Claws
  • Brief Claws will solely restore your well being when dealing claw injury
  • Brief Claws will solely a stack of “Offensive” buff for every combo, not every hit

Supply: Team17



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