Witness the Destiny 2 grandstand on August 24th

Bungie have declared a Destiny 2 exhibit for August 24th and it seems as though we will get a superior glance at The Witness, the new huge terrible who was presented during The Witch Queen development. There’s a video however it’s at present just on Twitter so is compacted to heck, when there’s a decent YouTube form I’ll put it up.


If you haven’t been focusing – and without a doubt I don’t fault you the Destiny legend is so thick nowadays – The Witness is the being who orders the pyramid transports that have been in the Destiny legend since nearly the very beginning. They (and I’m not being woke here, The Witness is by all accounts a gestalt substance of many personalities) have been making things happen from past and impacting a large number of the game’s different foes, for example, Callus and The Witch Queen herself.

The Witness is likewise the justification for why plants continue to disappear from the game as opposed to Bungie viewing as the game becoming to cumbersome. How convenient.

Bungie have not delivered any subtleties for the grandstand but rather I would expect in any event some satisfied for Lightfall, the following huge development for the game that ought to show up in the main quarter of 2023. With a name like Lightfall and The Witness being extremely dismal it seems as though being a blissful time for the Guardians is not going. Reports recommend that they might try and lose The Last City, and to be sure the entire of Earth, to the Witness. This might be the reason the H.E.L.M. was presented and why, after already being positioned in the world, it took off in to circle during the most recent season.

It likewise reputed that another foe race, the Lubraeans, will be presented, and maybe another Light subclass.

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