Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 2023 roadmap confirms what to anticipate

Staff Ninja has launched a Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty roadmap for the remainder of 2023, confirming what gamers ought to count on for the remainder of the yr. The roadmap has been launched as a part of a Director’s Letter by Hirayama. Within the letter, Hirayama states that the main target of the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty updates for this yr are “expanding the scope of strategy with a focus on action and RPG, and improving the ease of playability.”

As proven within the roadmap, the August replace for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will add Boss Rush Half 2, which is able to function more durable variations of bosses that weren’t in Boss Rush Half 1. It will function on-line co-op too. The replace may even enhance options and have steadiness changes. Then in September, the second paid DLC content material might be launched. This content material is Conqueror of Jiangdong, including new missions, a brand new Divine Beast, new weapon sort, extra story, new issue stage, new enemies, a brand new rarity, new tools, and new finish sport content material. The free replace in September will add a brand new wizardy spell and the Lies of P collaboration. October is just like August with function enhancements and steadiness updates. November has the identical as October however with the addition of the Nioh collaboration. Then in December, the third paid DLC might be launched, and that’s Upheaval in Jiangxing. Very similar to the Conqueror of Jiangdong, there might be loads of new content material and a brand new finish sport. The free replace will add one other wizardry spell.

Hirayama additionally addressed the PC problems with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, saying “We can’t talk about the future without talking about the past and present difficulties with the game. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to everyone playing the PC version of Wo Long since its release. I can assure you that the development team has read each and every report posted on various bulletin boards, social channels, our customer support department, and we have placed top priority on optimization and bug fixes. However, there are many combinations of PC environments in each household, and while our team continues to expand the environments where the game is checked post-launch, it will take time to replicate issues and properly fix them. I promise that we will continue to make improvements so that you can play with peace of mind as soon as possible. We apologize for this delay.”

In our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty review, Jason wrote, “Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is nearly always a rush to play, and even when you’re getting pummelled, it still feels as though you could overcome the fight if you just learned the attack patterns a little better, or maybe just summoned some more help.”

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